Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Great Plains Nature Center

Recently my friend Jenna invited Makenah and I to join her and her little boy Will at an outing they were going to at Great Plains Nature Center. We jumped on the chance to go, and had a great time walking around to all the little stations and exploring the museum area. There were so many moms and kids there, it wasn't the most conducive to getting a picture, but I tried to grab a few anyway. 
At one of the craft stations you could glue cotton balls onto the picture to make a polar bear. You can bet this polar bear is on the refrigerator. We got about six pieces on there, and it was time to move on! Ha!
 We also stopped to see the snake being shown. Kids were allowed to touch it while she was talking if they wanted....
 She walked right up to it and actually did it! Couldn't believe it! She came back to me, and said, "Mama touch snake?" Uh....no way. I said back to her, "No, Makenah can touch the snake." Glad she didn't insist. 
 Makenah and her friend Will. She really likes when we get to play with Will. On the way to meet them she always says "See Will," about a hundred times. And then on the way home too. 
 Checking out all the different furs. 
Playing with the Bubber. A messy and interesting dough concoction.  
It's fun having places to go explore during these cold winter months. We're looking forward to doing a lot more things like this!

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