Monday, January 9, 2012

My guy

To say this is late is an understatement.
I've already talked about celebrating Bryan's birthday at the end of December. But I could not miss a chance to go through and pick out some of my favorite pictures of Bryan to reminisce and wish him a happy birthday. 
I've been working on getting pictures together for this post. 
It's hard to choose favorites from the thousands and thousands we have of our 6 years married and our time dating before that. And, since we just celebrated our anniversary, it felt timely to look back.
So, to my sweet guy.
Here's some of us.
(Ok, I feel tears coming, oops)
You blow me away.
Amazing man.
Unbelievable husband.
Fantastic daddy.
We love you.

One of our very first dates at Bethel. Bowling.
Vacationing in Colorado 2004...Everyone joked that this may be our first house.
 Love this picture...this well dressed young man is about to head out the door for his interview into medical school.
 White Coat Ceremony in KC. That short white coat is much longer now.
 Our first dance.
I married a tough guy. I always want to remember him on his motorcycle. I even took rides with him. Holding on tight was a good excuse to hug in close. 
Tailgating at Arrowhead 2006!
 Our soon to be new house.
 Bryan and Casey.
 Christmas in Colorado 2007.
New Year's Eve 2007.
 My outdoorsman.
 Colorado Bike Trip 2008.
 Spring Break 2009.
 Colorado Summer 2009.
Our new family March 2010.
Some of the first snuggles.
Summer 2010
First trip to the zoo.
 The pool!!!
Bike Trip September 2010
Fall 2010.
 Halloween 2010.
Thanksgiving 2010.
Christmas 2010.
 Dirt Bike Stud.
Makenah's first birthday March 2011.
 Spring 2011.
Mother's Day 2011: Makenah's Dedication
 Garden City, June 2011
Daddy and sweetheart together at the shop.
 4th of July 2011
Summer 2011.
 Fall 2011. Zoo time!
 Halloween 2011. With his favorite little bee.
 Sweet moments.
Tough guy moments. 
 Christmas 2011.
I think this may be my longest post to date.
I can't think of anyone better for it to be about.
Happy Birthday.
Happy Anniversary.
Happy Everyday.
Love you Bryan. 

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