Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Strider Bike

We are keeping really busy around here! 
Not only is Logan keeping us hopin', but Makenah is busy learning and doing things as well. 
One of her birthday presents from us, was a new Strider bike. These super cool balance bikes teach a toddler balance and coordination even before they are able to pedal. 
We were excited to give it to her, and Bryan was extra eager to get his daughter into biking. 
Neddless to say, she loved it immediately! She rides it everyday, and loves it the most when Daddy gets on his bike and rides with her. 
Good to go with the pink bunny helmet!!
The bike is so light, it makes it easy to maneuver and pick up herself. She was showng Bryan how to "pop a wheelie." 
All snuggled up and napping while we played.

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Jenna said...

We gave Will this EXACT same bike for Christmas! :)
For some reason he is kind of timid with it - which is not his personality! I'm going to show him these pics of Makenah!