Saturday, March 10, 2012

Around the house

I have some birthday pictures to go through and post. 
We had a really fun day celebrating Makenah last Sunday, and enjoyed a little family party here at the house. We are looking forward to another party after the baby comes to celebrate this new 2 year old again! 
For now, here's some of the cuteness around our house lately. 
Snacking and helping Daddy grill on another beautiful day.
We told her to wait by the door on the rug and she plopped on down. 
 I can't resist taking pictures when she's got my shoes on. It makes me laugh every time. 
 She got some new shades yesterday. Right away they went to the park with her, and also to Sonic for our date with Daddy. First thing this morning they went right back on. 
 They look good casually on the head too. 
 And, they were an important accessory on the bike ride with Daddy this morning. Bryan loves to ride, and Makenah is so happy to relax in the trailer. I got to stay home and enjoy some quiet time. 

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