Saturday, March 24, 2012

Our stay

While we were at the hospital, we had family and friends come visit us. Even though I didn't get a picture of everyone, we were thankful for all the visits. 
My family stayed with Makenah while we were there, but they were able to sneak away and visit us. My sister surprised us and drove all the way from Colorado!! Bryan's family hit the road from Garden City and were there to welcome us home! 
Makenah was sick with a pretty bad cold while we were gone, so she didn't end up visiting the hospital, but I have lots of precious pictures to share of her meeting her brother when we arrived home. 

Grandma Billings and Aunt Jenna
 Grandpa Billings
Oh, Dr. Christman. A fantastic doctor. He went above and beyond for us. I consider myself lucky to have been his patient. Bryan has been able to work with him during his past 5 years here, and we respect him so much. I always said I wanted Dr. Christman to deliver my babies...he was my mom's doctor, too. He delivered me 30 years ago. 
 The star of the show.
Logan Kent.
 The swaddle master. 
Bryan used to swaddle Makenah so tightly, and she loved it. We'll see if Logan likes it as much. I told Bryan, "I think I forgot how to swaddle." He was right though, it came right back to me. 
 Getting ready to head home. 
 I love this picture. 
It's blurry and Bryan's head is chopped off. I don't mind one bit.
I will always remember the sweet woman who took it for us after she wheeled us to our car. I really, really wanted a picture of us right before we left. She seemed a little nervous to use a camera, and we handed her ours and she held it backwards first...looking into the front. We helped turn it around and showed her where the button was. She snapped it, and I knew it would be perfect. 
And off we headed towards home to introduce Logan to his big sister!

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Jenna said...

I've been enjoying all of your blog posts! How do you have the time?!
So glad you've had such a fun go of it the 2nd time around!