Thursday, July 26, 2012

Colorado (July 2012) Ballerina

One of the added bonuses of visiting Bryan's family in Colorado is that we also get to to spend some time with my sister when we are there. This year, she drove up to Woodland Park from Colorado Springs and spent an evening with us. She came bearing gifts, and Makenah was very excited. We've known for awhile that we have a little ballerina on our hands, and Aunt Jenna totally hooked her up with a new tutu and her first pair of ballet shoes. Jen even adorned them with ribbon to look like pointe shoes, and being a dancer herself, she knew lots of ballet skills to teach Makenah. There was lots of twirling going on in the living room! 
Thank you Aunt Jenna for visiting us and bringing such a sweet gift for Makenah. 
We love you!

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