Monday, July 9, 2012

Logan (3 months)

Oh, our sweet Logan. 
Our Logie...Logie Bear...Logie Bogie. 
He's almost 4 months old, and here I am scurrying to mark his first 3 months. 

We continue to be thankful for what a good boy Logan is. His sleeping and eating patterns have held pretty steady, and we can tell he is growing and becoming really strong!
As most babies tend to do, he's losing some of his hair. We expected more loss in the back, but its actually on top that has happened the quickest. It's funny to look back at his newborn pictures now, and see all that hair. 
Hi eyes are a deep, strong blue and his eyelashes continue to come in long like Bryan's. His big gummy grin comes so easily, and he is most happy when people are interacting with him. Don't leave this little guy out! Logan continues to be a very good baby. He doesn't fuss, just for fussing sake. He's usually hungry or needing some extra attention! But, if you do want to hear some fussing, just try and give him a bottle. Oh, my...
At 3 months, he's getting stronger on his tummy, watching what we are doing, making lots of cute baby talk, and taking great naps. Makenah becomes more and more interested in helping and interacting with him. I just love seeing them together. She still tells me that I need to put him down sometimes, but she has also become more understanding of his needs. She'll tell me that "Logan needs Mama," "Logan needs some milk,," "Logan's sad," etc. I like seeing that she is looking out for him already. 
Three months has gone by so quickly, but at the same time, it feels like Logan has been a part of our family for much longer. I'm already thinking about all the new things Logan is doing now that its been another month. 
We love our precious Logan Kent. 

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