Monday, July 30, 2012

GC Zoo

The kids and I enjoyed our first visit to the Lee Richardson Zoo in Garden City on Saturday with Bryan's mom Debbie. I have always been really impressed with this zoo! It's so well maintained and pretty, and even for a small zoo, they have all the most popular animals! It's a perfect size for walking the whole thing or just part of it if you can only stay for a shorter time. It's open all year and free to walk through!! So cool! Or, for a small fee, you can drive through it! We went for an hour and a half or so and saw some of our favorite animals. We're planning a trip back with Bryan sometime soon to see the rest. 
Such a clean and green place!
Giraffes are a definite favorite.
 We went through the aviary, and the birds were so close to us. 
I hardly zoomed in at all. They just sat there. 
 Cute baby!!!
Makenah rode in the stroller for a little while, and then walked through the aviary. Once she was exploring on her own, you can bet she wasn't getting back in that thing!
We'll be heading back soon! 

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