Monday, August 27, 2012

Sweet potatoes

We geared up for some solid food with Logan this evening. I think pictures say it best, and I think the "what IS this" look that babies make is so so adorable. While we have plenty of baby cereal on hand, we went ahead and used sweet potatoes as the first sampling. Of course, Makenah was very helpful! 

Pre-meal...such a happy baby!
 Of course, she wanted to do it...
My favorite
Makenah was on my lap the whole time. Poor Logan looks a little stressed...
Without planning it, Makenah ended up in her "Give peas a chance" shirt this morning. Ha!
 Oh my...
When all was said and done, some sweet potatoes actually stayed in his mouth. Isn't it amazing what a "push it out" reflex those little mouths have at the beginning. I think he was intrigued though. And, Makenah was beyond intrigued. She helped me get bites, told her brother to "eat it Logie", and even had to have a sample at the end. 
Lots of cuteness around here.

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