Thursday, June 6, 2013


Oh these two. 
 One of our favorite restaurants is at one of the hotels here. Always have to check out the pool area. 
 And then use the water fountain. 
 Baking banana bread. 
 We build lots of castles here. 
 Time with Grandma. 
 At the zoo. 
 Logan is really into getting into small spaces or hiding. It has made for some funny moments here at home and also at Mimi and Papa's. This was one of the first times I found him in the hall closet. The first time he crawled all the way to the back and just sat down. When I found him he was just grinning so big. 
 The slide has gained popularity lately. 
 Just arrived in Woodland Park. Logan sat down to immediately explore the rocks. 
 Arranging their flowers. 
 When we got home from being with cousin Allie, I kept finding Makenah like this. Allie is a little gymnast and Makenah soaked it all in. 
 Two in the tub.
 Ready to head out the door to her first Vacation Bible School. I tell you what, walking in there and dropping her off was hard. I had small flashes of taking her to Kindergarden. I'll let you speculate how I'll handle that. 
 Play dough.
 Riding Casey.
 Stole my mug. 'Twas empty though. 
 You would never guess it, but this was us playing tea party. These were our tea party hats. 
 Papa works some LARGE equipment. The kids were in awe. 
 Happy at lunch. 
 I finally made it out for a long overdue afternoon of four wheeling. It was AWESOME! Blake's girlfriend was visiting from Wichita, and it was fun to have another girl out in the dirt!
 This guy. 
He's so cool. 
 Sweet sweet girl.
 Makenah craves crafts/creating. She says everyday, no joke, "I was wondering what craft we are going to do today." She says it so sweetly, it's hard to consider saying that we're not doing one. We usually fill part of Logan's naptime with some creative thing. This day we went out for rocks, and she painted them and made them into bugs. 
 Keeping watch. 
 More hiding. 
 Pasta necklaces. 
Looking forward to the weekend!!

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