Sunday, August 18, 2013

Zoo Train

One more thing that makes me love our zoo in town...
The new train they added!
It is so cute! It's the perfect size for the kids and the ride is the prefect length. While it doesn't run on tracks, it is just wobbly enough to make it feel fun. Since the zoo here also has the option to drive through it, there was already a great path for it to take.
When we went on Friday, we had just enough time to walk around some ourselves and play at the playground there before the next departure. Then we got on for our ride! When we were done we went to feed the fish!

All aboard! We gave the conductor our tickets.
The train was a huge success! I imagine we will be frequent riders!

 We bought some fish food and set it down so they could share it and throw it in. They love doing this.

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