Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Phone Update

All the moments from my phone.

She just randomly write letters and numbers now. 
 Cool night at the high school football game.
 Garden City got a Peachwave. Whoo hoo!!
 Exploring at the zoo.
 Cooking apple cake.
She asked for days to make some (not sure where she came up with the idea.)
We finally made some, and she disliked it a lot. 
I was like, "Really?!" It's cake!
 Dollhouse together.
 He loves to color. 
He calls all coloring, markers, crayons, pens... "purple"
 At the park.
 Heading to the riverbed in GC to go jeeping with Brad and his girlfriend when they visited.
 Brad climbing.
 Boys at the patch.
 Park time another day.
This morning was all about togetherness. 
Makenah was such a helper.
 In the backyard.
 She got her AWANA Cubbies vest.
 Waiting to see the doc for our 18 mo. check-up.
I couldn't keep him off the doctor's swivel chair. 
 New Year's cookies at Bethel College Fall Fest.
 We stayed last weekend with my brother and sister-in-law in Hesston. 
Making jello jigglers.
 His new favorite way to eat apples.
 Over Bryan's lunch break, he mostly gets bombarded by these two.

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