Friday, October 25, 2013

The past week or so

Here's what we've been up to the past week-ish...

We celebrated my birthday last week, and it sure was a good one! When I realized that the celebrations came and went without too much picture evidence, I dug out something to fill this spot. 
From 32 years ago...
And then for fun, here I am pretty close to Logan's age.
You know I got sidetracked looking at albums as soon as I went digging for a picture. 

One of my birthday celebrations: Out for burgers, fries and shakes...we had a blast! Such good food and the kids got a kick out of this chalkboard wall. 
 After church on Mimi and Papa's bench.
 Luckily, Makenah has never really put too much effort into trying to convince me to take the shopping cart with the car attached. The last few months, she has asked very sincerely several times. I had managed to avoid the ever popular car-cart until the other day. I finally said yes, and I think the kids beamed the whole way through Dillons. It was quite cute, and while it feels like you are pushing a triple load, it was pretty fun for them. Nearly every person we passed stopped to peek at them and say "ahhhh, how cute..."
 She spent quite awhile looking at her uncle's old Cubbie books that Mimi let us look at. 
 Making bierocks with me.
 This week was Makenah's turn to take snacks to preschool. She was pretty proud, getting ready to leave with the snack bag.
 Oh my heart. 
 The other day we took a long wagon ride through the neighborhood. 
 And then played in the backyard afterwards.
 Storytime at the library was fire safety. The firemen came again and brought their fire trucks. 
Bike time.
He's usually so good about keeping the markers on the paper. 
We're glad it's the weekend again!!

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Tanya said...

cute baby pic danielle! i could tell it was you!