Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Pumpkin Patch 2013

We were looking forward to heading back out to the pumpkin patch again this year! We went early in the season again, and it worked out good! It's only open Saturday and Sundays 2-7pm...and can you believe this is the only weekend before Halloween that we could go?! But, I think it works out better this way, because the patch is still full of great pumpkins, and then we get to enjoy them all month!
Last year we found Pumpkin Paradise in Sublette, and it was only about 35 minutes from us. A family run farm, very cute. So thankful for this won't find any other patches out west.
 Logan slept the whole drive, so it took him a few minutes to wake up!
 Gathering supplies.
 She's getting so big!
 He's awake now....he'll take it from here!
 I heard they plant like 400 varieties of pumpkins, gourds, squash, etc. 
 Eeek! Takeover. 
 We had to stare awhile at the one with the bumps all over it. 
 Haha! Of course, she's want that one. 
 Returning a page in a pumpkin field. And, always with a smile. 
 So much room to run!
 I think he could walk around outside all day. Makenah and Bryan were on a mission. 
 She's chopping it off. 

 Parking the load to go get a duck for the duck races. 
 Ahhhhh! So cute!!!
 Logan's favorite was the bean bag toss!
 Picking out a few mini pumpkins before we left. I forgot to get a picture of our load. We got some big orange pumpkins and a variety of others to put on the porch too. Some green and white, and also a couple of cool squash. 
Heading out!
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