Tuesday, November 9, 2010


We had so much fun on Halloween! 
We spent the day with family, and that afternoon Makenah got dressed up in her costume and trick-or treated at her MeMe and Papa Stucky's house. Uncle Blake and her Great Granna and Grandad were there too. 
What a cute little ladybug! It was fitting that Makenah was a ladybug, because since she was born, we have called her "Ladybug," and its continued to stick. 
This is one of my new favorite family pictures!
Bryan and Makenah with MeMe Debbie.
There is a ladybug on the trampoline...! 
...and behind the tree! :)
Bryan and Makenah snuck behind the tree and she was able to peek out at us. (See, I told you we posed her a lot of places!) 
With MeMe and Papa
And with Great Granna and Grandad
A few days later, Makenah got to trick-or-treat again and show her costume to her Grandma and Grandpa Billings! 
And, here is Uncle Bear (Aaron).
What a Halloween experience, and what a cute ladybug! I'm so glad we got to spend some time with both families! Makenah was such a good sport getting dressed up--happy the whole time! (Even taking all the pictures!) Another "first" we've enjoyed together!

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