Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween 2012

If you have been looking for a precious lion and a beautiful butterfly ballerina fairy princess, you have come to the right place. 

I present to you, Logan the Lion and Makenah the butterfly (or princess or fairy or ballerina!)
It's getting hard to get "smiles on command" from Makenah. Usually, unless something funny is going on, she looks at me like this...
 We visited a few houses in the neighborhood and then took off to go see grandparents.
Trick or treat Grandma! We got our bags filled and watched in awe at how busy my parents neighborhood is! Wow!
 Grandpa was gone working hard, but we enjoyed seeing Grandma.
 We went over to Mimi and Papa's and were greeted by a pink gorilla!
Logan snuggled right in, but Makenah was pretty concerned about the gorilla costume.
 Granna and Grandad even came over to hand out candy!
 Uh oh Mimi, your feet are backwards! Haha!
 All was well once the costume was put away.
 We wrapped up the night with some candy eating at their house and then headed home for bed. Makenah really enjoyed herself! She liked to ring the doorbell and would say "trick or treat" in the sweetest voice. And then "thank you..." Logan was a trooper and didn't mind his costume at all and let us carry him around all night!
Can you believe it's November now!
Happy Friday everyone!

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