Thursday, February 20, 2014

Around here

Stuff going on around here…

Watching Daddy and Papa do some major snow removal. 
Just the sweetest little thing.
 Double crown…and when she went in her room to find them, she felt the need to change into a tank top.
 Snow fun.
Never happens. Never ever.
Bryan turned me loose in his Jeep.
Look out world, I'm off to get groceries!!!
 Kenah's school valentines.
Loaded up to take them to preschool. She was proud and happy.
 We made heart cookies that afternoon.
 V-Day morning, opening a bag of treats.
Red heart pancakes.
 Showing off the cookies she decorated.
 Celebrating Grandma's birthday that evening.
Riding 4-wheelers when Aaron and Maria were here last weekend!
 Us girls, we're so tough!
 The daredevil. My guy.
Playing hoops.
 From my love.
 Snuggles and smiles.
Park time.
 Swinging her baby.

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