Sunday, February 9, 2014


I think Garden City made out with about 4 inches of snow last week, and we enjoyed staying snuggled inside for the most part. I was caught up in the excitement of wishing for snow days for all my teacher friends and family, and remember well the feeling of hoping for those extra days off when I was teaching and counseling. 
The bitter cold temperatures that accompanied the snow made it hard to get out and enjoy it. It snowed Monday night, and finally Saturday, the temperature was appropriate enough to take the kids out. I just couldn't bring myself to take them outside this week when the wind chills were at or below 0. Bryan and I joked that 30 degrees and sunny had never felt so good! All four of us went out, and Makenah and Bryan even made a snowman.
Snowman time.
Putting the finishing touches on the snowman.
Learning the art of making snowballs.
Earlier in the week, the snow remained really dry and fluffy, but as it began to melt on this day, it became perfect for a snowman and snowballs. 
Giving it a hug.
(He must do what she does.) :) 
And, here's what happens when Mama tries to sneak in for a picture. 
None of the "cheeeeeese" I was getting earlier from Logan. 
He's tells us, "I don't wan't it." 
(Which is what he often says in place of NO." 
So, I just put myself between them. :)
Snowman Saturday was a hit.
We went inside for very, very chocolately hot chocolate with a disproportionate amount of whip cream and marshmallows. 

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