Monday, February 3, 2014

From the phone

Jeep driving
Celebrating Grandma and Grandpa's anniversary
 Dance class
 Proud of the dog she drew
 Spelling words on the fridge
 She made me a hat to wear the other day, and wrote my name on it. She asked how to spell my name, so I verbally told her M-a-m-a. She came back with this. 
 Birthday souvenir from a friend.
 More jeep time
 Playing out back
 Windy day at the park
 Coloring at Grandma and Grandpa's house.
 One last Christmas present from Grandma…name step stools. This was the most popular thing to do with them for the first week. 
 Blocks together
 Eye check-up.
 She did Makenah doll's hair and wanted a picture together.
Tiny trim for Makenah. I don't have a picture of Logan's cut, because this time, Danna and I had to chase him around on her knees to get that boys hair cut. 
 Coloring. (Color Wonder markers to be safe.)
 She likes to bring out her pillow and blankets and tuck in Logan for him to rest. 
 Grandpa's birthday. Makenah made and decorated the cake. All I did was put it in the oven. 
 More block time. 
 Playing piano at the hotel.
One of our favorite restaurants is there, and after we eat the kids like to explore the Lobby and pool area. 
 Makenah and I went to a wedding shower for a family friend. She warmed right up and made herself available for help as the bride opened presents. 
 Logan's first time in the sensory tub. 
I was hoping he wouldn't eat the beans or pour them out. Big boy did neither, it was a hit!!

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