Sunday, June 8, 2014

Phone stuff

In keeping true to the goal I made myself to get caught up with pictures before I dive into our Maine trip, I wanted to post pictures from my phone that weren't included in any major event or trips. Just stuff from everyday.

Hold on, this wasn't an everyday thing! It's not even close to an everyday thing! A day of shopping and overnight trip to see two very special friends in Wichita! We only took a couple of pictures of ourselves, and in the other one we are wearing masks we posed with while shopping, so I opted for this one! Haha! 
I miss them very much!
 Treat girl again! We had fun making some special treats since her week fell on Easter week!
 The four of us made Resurrection Rolls!
 Class Easter party
 Packing herself up to go somewhere.
 Major baking going on in here!
 They are actually sitting and watching Brandon and Blake doing some funny stuff to make them laugh.
It worked.
 Super cute!!
 Kenah sandwich with Racquel and Brad
 Yes, I definitely already posted this, but it seemed so cute that I better include it again!
Waiting for dance time!
 Waiting for the doctor at her 4 yr. check-up.
In contrast to Logan who HATES going to the doctors office, she LOVES it. She is the sweetest little patient. She hated when it was over and didn't want the doctor to leave. She asked if she could please have some more check-up. :) 
 He loves this motorcycle. 
Oh my.
 Doing some dance moves.
 Shooting hoops at Mimi and Papa's.
 I love this. Love it. 
 Big shoes, skinny legs.
 Walking home from church with grandma and grandpa.
 Aunt Maria!!!!
 Playing catch.
 At the American Girl store in KC. 
Just me and my girl. 
 I texted this picture to Bryan for him to see sometime at work. 
Ha! I bet he was jealous.
 Future tennis player like Daddy?
 She can't get enough swimming! Logan is still a bit unsure about it, and isn't very fond of his floatie. So, Kenah and I often spend some time in the water while he naps. 
 Before gymnastics.
 She had a blast!
 She likes to have her picture taken now. A change from not too long ago. Usually she'll pose or something and then tell me I should send it to ___. It's cute.
Also, you can see the side braid in this picture. 
We are still riding the Frozen movie train big time! They both love the movie. I won't go into details about how well I know the movie by now, because its the same story most moms could tell I'm guessing. But, her latest thing is she wants to wear her hair all the time in a braid on the side like Elsa, or one on each side like Anna. 
 Playing in the water and grandma and grandpas.
 Beef Empire Days parade! 
Right before this we ate lots of pancakes at the Commerce Bank Pancake Feed. 
 This horse is amazing!
I'm moving right along! More pictures coming soon!

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