Tuesday, June 24, 2014

We Partied!: Part IV

The reception that Brad and Racquel planned was SO MUCH FUN! It had such a good flow to it, everyone was enjoying themselves, the food was delicious and the dance was enjoyed by everyone! 
Shortly after we arrived the wedding party made their entrance. They danced themselves into the room, and it was so entertaining. We enjoyed appetizers and chatted with everyone, and there was a little bit of dancing and then we got to eat a delicious dinner. 
Some of the brothers making their entrance.
 Dr. and Mrs. Brad Stucky!!
Dancing as everyone came in.
 Brad and Racquel danced their first dance as soon as they got there.
 Later in the evening…Bryan giving his speech/toast. 
 Granna and Grandad won the dance for longest married couple!!
Racquel gave Granna her bouquet. 
 My date, the handsome best man. :) 
 My other date. :)
 Delicious cake!
Drawing on the dry erase boards at the table. These made for some fun pictures and notes throughout the evening.
 Dancing with Uncle Blake
 Racquel's 4 brothers had several fun surprises planned for the evening. This was them singing "Kiss the Girl" to the couple. Just prior to this they included the Stucky brothers in a crazy dance they choreographed! 
Getting Brad in on the fun!
 Mother-son dance. :)
 Logan and Makenah both loved the dance! We spent a lot of time on the dance floor. Here is Makenah taking her turn in the dollar dance tradition. Grandad gave her a dollar and she got in line to dance with Brad. She was such a big girl.
 Almost the end of the night…we grabbed the couple before they left.
 The last dance. 
What a night a day!!
A magical event--so full of love and fun!
Congratulations to Brad and Racquel Stucky!
We love you!!!

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