Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Rehearsing: Part II

After the wedding shower, we transitioned right over to the wedding rehearsal at the church, with a BBQ dinner to follow back at the house. 
Practice went smoothly and everybody was getting excited for the big day! Makenah continued to be excited for her flower girl role, and as we expected practiced her job nicely. Logan was growing weary of sitting still and wasn't quite sure about the whole thing. We knew they'd be cute no matter what happened, so I tried not to worry too much about it. We had everything planned out nicely for where to sit with the kids and I was prepared to keep Logan entertained and quiet, ha! Brad and Racquel were so sweet and had such realistic expectations of what a 2 year old ring bearer could and could not do, so there was no pressure. But, you know, I still wanted to help them do a nice job. :) 

Racquel's beautiful Baptist church in Yarmouth, Maine.
 Back at the house for the BBQ!
 It sure smelled like home when the meat was smokin'!!
We packed our boots and pearl snaps. :) 
Opening sweet gifts from Brad and Racquel.
 There were hoola hoops in the barn?!
Oh yes, I did!
Great ending to a very full and fun day! 

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