Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Oh, 4-wheelers...

Another 4-wheelin' post? 
This one is different though.

I'm back on the saddle.
Or, seat I guess.
In the driver's seat that is.

It's been awhile.
6 years to be exact.

A little history...(both for background, and because I like to reminisce)

This was the first time Bryan took me out on a 4-wheeler. I was SO impressed with his skills! I think he was trying to impress me! (This was also my first trip to visit Garden City!)
I had never been around 4-wheelers, and immediately thought they were very cool! I enjoyed riding on them, and loved riding on the back as Bryan took me all around. They ride at the river in Garden City, and also take the whole fleet of machines to Colorado every summer to ride in the mountains. 

This was my first 4-wheelin' trip to Colorado with the boys!
It was awesome! And it was even better now that I was learning how to drive! Bryan was teaching me how to operate one of these machines, and I was liking the feeling freedom as I drove myself.

The feeling was short lived though, because on one of the afternoon rides during this trip, when I was driving a 4-wheeler myself, I lost control on the trail and the 4-wheeler and I went tumbling off the trail and down mountain. Whoa!!! 
I bailed off and the machine and I went rolling down the mountain and we both got lodged in a tree. 
We were both ok. No major injuries, and even the 4-wheeler came away mostly unscathed. 
Needless to say, I was done driving, and didn't see myself driving anytime soon.

I did get back on the backseat though, and enjoyed some river riding, and another Colorado trip in the meantime.
(Don't be fooled, I am only posing to look like the driver! Ha!)

Fast forward to last week, on our stop into Garden City on the way home from the bike trip. After some encouragement from Bryan, I was back in the driver's seat. I figured it was time, and man was it FUN! I got another lesson and did some practicing. Then we headed out to the river.
The driver...
We rode until it got dark, and I had a blast! 
Being the driver is very freeing. I'm glad Bryan gave me a nudge.
We have plans to go out riding again soon! 

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