Friday, September 24, 2010

Via Christi Bike Trip 2010: Part 2

Sunday's activity was the hallmark activity of the trip...biking! There are a couple of options the group chooses for riding in the area.  You can either ride Vail Pass or ride around Dillon Lake. Since Bryan has experienced Vail Pass many times, and I got to ride on it last year, we chose to bike around the lake. It was absolutely beautiful! Bryan is an avid bike rider, and is an excellent biking partner! This was the perfect outing for us as a family. Bryan pulls Makenah in a bike trailer, and she does so well! 
It's not unusual for Makenah to fall asleep during bike rides. She gets so relaxed and just enjoys the ride!
This is Dillon Lake Marina, and a shot of one of the popular spots to dock your sailboat. 
We rode all the way to Keystone, and then took a break to stretch, have a snack, and take some pictures. 
Makenah was very interested in Bryan's camelback drinking cord...
We rode a total of 20 miles! Lots of twists, turns, hills and declines. I hope we get to ride in this area again sometime. It was such amazing scenery. 

Sunday evening we attended a pizza party for the whole group at a local pizzeria, Frisco Depot. Great pizza and great conversation. After dinner, the fun continued with a game night back at the hotel. 

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