Thursday, September 23, 2010

Via Christi Bike Trip 2010: Part 1

Every September, the first and second year residents and their families in the family medicine program at Via Christi take a bike trip to Colorado together. We just got back from this great vacation, where we enjoyed lots of outdoor time, fun activities with fellow residents and their families, good food, and beautiful weather. Bryan and I (and Makenah too, I think!) love to visit Colorado, so we have been looking forward to this trip very much. We spent several days in the Breckenridge/Frisco/Dillon area, and it sure was relaxing! It was a great mix of group activities and family time.

We arrived Friday evening and met up with other residents who had arrived in Dillon. We had a great dinner while sharing stories and laughing. We slept well Friday night after a long day of driving!

On Saturday morning, we decided to take the Jeep up into the mountains and do some exploring. I enjoy jeepin', because you can cover a lot of ground. We drove up Boreas Pass and got out several times along the way to take pictures. The pass has an elevation of 11, 480 ft. and is a climbing and winding unpaved road with amazing views.
Along the way, we came to Bakers Tank, a historic water tank that steam locomotives used for resupply.
(I think Makenah was wondering where we were!)
We made it to the top of the pass, and got out to walk around and check out the area. The pass used to be a high railroad pass between Denver and Leadville, and there are still remnants of the railroad.
The drive back down was much faster, but we stopped to get more pictures!
The aspen are just breathtaking this time of year. I couldn't believe how beautiful they were, and what a bright shade of yellow they turn!
The rest of our time Saturday was spent doing group activities (with some continuing education lecture time for the docs:), as well as enjoying a catered dinner at the hotel. Plus, there was a rousing game of medical pictionary and charades. It was very entertaining! Ha!

More to come on some other highlights from the trip!!

*Bryan has been to Bakers Tank several times before! What a good looking group of Stucky boys from 5 years ago :)

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