Friday, May 20, 2011

Random Friday

Some random things for you today. 
Tidbits of information on a variety of subjects. 
(Grossness Alert: There is a close-up of raw animal meat in this post. I think its gross looking. But, it's part of the randomness. I promise to balance it out with beautiful and cute things. You've been warned. I bet you are curious now!)

I planned and hosted another party for the residency social group that I chair. It was last night, and it was a "Farewell Party" in honor of the 3rd year residents and wives of Bryan's program. We had it at Picadilly in the Patio Room, with good food, pretty flowers, and fun conversation. 
I brought home some of the extra flowers.
About a week ago we headed out for our first bike ride of the season. It was the first time in the pink bunny helmet, and the first time sitting like a big girl in the trailer. There are a few tweaks to be made, but how cute is that?!
Here it is. Eww.
Bryan made deer jerky in my oven this week.
(I tried not to be too dramatic about it.) 
Shelf repeat.
Apparently this is the new fun place to sit and read. 
I like my pots outside. 
Bryan took this when we were outside on Mother's Day. 
They have grown already!
How cool is this guy?
And, finally, I was saw this picture from Easter and it caught my eye. I love snuggling in close to Makenah. I remember she was looking at my necklace. She loves to check them out. I'm thankful I never had to give up wearing jewelry. For the most part, she is very gentle when she checks them out. 
Have a good weekend!

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