Sunday, May 15, 2011

Some Sunday Steak

Bryan really took care of us for supper tonight!
He was the chef and did the clean-up.
He knows how to put a smile on my face. 

Grilled teriyaki steak (and deer) skewers
Grilled vegetable kabobs

Yes, I said deer.
Bryan made steak skewers, and then also made some skewers of the deer meat he had in the freezer from the deer he took this past season.
He was proud of me for trying a piece of his deer. Then I stuck to the steak. It was too delicious.

Here's our guy with his grill. 
He's fantastic on this thing.
Strategically placing things. 
(I don't understand this part. But, based on the coals, fire, smoke, food, size of things, etc. he can decide where to put things.)
There is deer on there somewhere. :) 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

And, here is a cutie playing Saturday morning.
She pulled the basket of magazines off and put herself there instead. 
She's curious, creative and fun. 
I love it.

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