Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Update: Standing and Steps

I don't have any pictures yet to go with this post. But, we have some action around here. You know the excitement that surrounds your children learning new things. It's very special. 
Makenah is getting closer and closer to walking, and it is so cute! She has always been very good at cruising the furniture and walls, but she seems to be a timid little thing, and hasn't felt brave enough to let go very much. Well, we are catching her standing on her own more and more these last few days. AND, on Mother's Day she took her first steps!! Four of them--right to me! It melted our hearts. 
The inevitable dilemma of playing and practicing this walking thing is that you can't seem to catch it on camera and help at the same time! Ha! Then, when you do get it out and ready, they are done for the time being. Sweet Bryan sat with the video camera all ready to go after she walked over to me, and wouldn't you know, we couldn't get any more action on camera. 
Just wanted to share the excitement!

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