Sunday, May 1, 2011


It's nice and fresh around here. It's a fresh, new month! Happy May Day! And, it's a fresh week--Makenah and Bryan are both feeling better and I am so thankful! And, I've got pictures of a fresh, clean cutie in the bathtub! 

Bath time with Makenah is so much fun that I just want to take my camera in there every night and capture the cute moments. I try and be more reasonable and not go overboard. (But, I could go overboard if I wanted. Mom's are allowed to do that, you know. I will always reserve the right to do so. :)

Two cute things that I want to remember about bath time with the ladybug right now...

Making faces in the chrome overflow cover. 
I laugh out loud when she does this. Usually it involves sticking out her tongue. 
(Another thing you may think is funny is that I did not know what this round bathtub part was called. New Google window, searched for "Parts of a bathtub drain." First thing that came up was "How to identify parts of a bathtub drain" Problem solved! Apparently I am not the first person to not know much about their bathtub. You know though, I am still not sure if that is the right name...) 

Secondly, she now likes to stick her face in the water. She puts it down there, but usually only gets the bottom half in the water. She's never minded getting her face wet. It always gets water on it when we wash and rinse her hair. So, the water on the face is not new, but all of a sudden she is interested in dipping it in. If you ask her, "Makenah, do you want to put your face in?" She'll give it a little dip. 
Bottom half only. Cutest little beard I've ever seen!
Ahh, a smily, clean baby!
Have a good week!

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