Friday, August 26, 2011

Happy Birthday Brad!!

Today is Bryan's brother Brad's birthday!! 
Brad is Stucky brother #2. BKS2. (They are all it.)
He's fun to be around and makes us laugh like crazy. He's a caring guy, an explorer, a daredevil, creative, intelligent, kind, and a deep thinker. He's awesome!  
We're sending lots of love and birthday wishes to him in Kansas City. Brad is a hard working medical student and an awesome brother and uncle to Makenah. And, as can be expected, I have prepared a fun (and slightly long) picture birthday message to Brad. 

Brad and I on my first trip with the family 7 years ago. He welcomed me into the family from the get go! Smiles and fun. And, he's been looking out for me since then!
Bryan and Brad doing stunts on the 4-wheelers. I learned very early on that you can't just ride them, you have to race them, wheelie them, slide them, tip them, or jump them.
A good looking best man at our wedding. 
Bike Trip!!
I think this picture is just amazing. It was taken by Bryan on an annual bike trip. It should be on a bike magazine. A strong guy conquering the Colorado mountains. 
His cowboy side. :-)
Brad is always up for fun. Wrestling is included! Here you can see cousin Jack trying his best to take Brad down. 
Would you believe these guys were heading out on a hike. A non-mandatory hike. They WANTED to go. These are tough guys. 
Coolest camo suit ever, right? I'm pretty sure that someone didn't notice him hiding one time.
Makenah with her uncle Brad for the first time. 
Two very tough Stucky guys modeling new chest protectors. You know there is going to be dangerous things involved if you need to protect your chest. 
A pro on a 4-wheeler!
I can't remember exactly what game they were playing...
You can't be afraid to get dirty if you hang out with Brad!
Love and smiles. 
Happy Birthday Brad! Hope your day is awesome!!

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