Friday, August 12, 2011

I missed a birthday blog post!

Ahh! I am late posting my Happy Birthday tribute to Blake! 
For being late, I am making it extra, extra long. Ok, it was going to be long anyway, because we have so many great pictures of Blake! I had a hard time choosing as it was! 
Happy 18th Birthday Blake! 
What a truly awesome guy you are!!!

Let the show begin...
Blake through the years...(since I have known him...Ha!)
I met Bryan's youngest brother Blake when he was 10 years old. This picture was taken during my first visit to Garden City very early on when Bryan and I were dating. Blake=fun. 
I think this picture needs to be bigger! Can you see Blake? Small guy. :)
 With Bryan and my soon to be brothers right after he proposed. 
 Blake with cousin Ashley at our wedding. He was such a handsome groomsman!
 Hanging out in Garden City.
 With Casey at our house in Wichita.
 All the cousins in the Stucky/Wiens family. I like the line-up of this picture, and as you would guess, Blake caught his brothers in height very soon.
 Opening Christmas presents.
 Heading out camping and biking with the guys.
 Still one of my favorite pictures of Bryan and all my brothers! There's Blake, right in the middle!
 In a Colorado tree!
We were hiking at this time. He is probably waiting on all of us to catch up. He's such a great athlete!
 The Stucky men. 
 Being awesome.
 Mountain biking.
 Ahh, Uncle Blake holding Makenah for the first time!! An awesome uncle!!
 A daredevil on a 4 wheeler!
 Me and Blake. Love this guy. 
 On his dirt bike. He rocks that bike. 
 Snuggling in Garden City.
 A dance off between Blake and Bryan. A good effort by both. They have good moves. 
 Seriously cool on his bike. You can't even see the ground!
 Getting ready for Makenah's first birthday. A fun uncle will sit under the table with you. 
 Hanging out at the shop.
 Walking in Colorado.
 So sweet with Makenah.
 The brothers. 
Happy Birthday Blake!! We love you so much! You are an awesome brother and uncle!

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Aww, love this post, Danielle! Steve likes it, too!