Friday, December 14, 2012

The phone happenings

Logan is getting a lot of attention and affection from Makenah these days. He just soaks it up!
 What would Christmas with kids be without daily removing ornaments from sticky fingers.
 Finger painting.
 Daddy's big stash of K-cups.
 She climbs on everything. 
She especially likes to take one or more stools to different places in the house for better access. 
 Playing in the tunnel.
 This was from a week or so ago. First time I found him standing in the crib. While it seems like he has been standing by furniture for awhile now, he hadn't yet stood in his crib. I felt bad after I took this though...I walked in to get him and he was so happy. I saw him, and turned and ran out of the room to get my phone to take a picture. He started bawling. In my excitement I forgot he would probably think I was leaving again. He was all smiles when I popped back in. 
 Tiny baby toes.
 Taking a ride.
 I am sure he was wishing he could crawl in there with her. 
 This big boy is SO happy to be feeding himself and eating everything we do.
 There was wrestling tonight.
Wonderful weekend wishes!

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