Monday, December 10, 2012

Putting up the tree

I realized I forgot to share about decorating our Christmas tree. At the end of November, we invested in a new tree, and we love it! I had come to terms with the fact that we weren't going to get to go cut down our own, as tradition had been. (No tree farms even remotely close to Garden City.) So, we decided if we weren't going to cut our own, we would go artificial, and find a great one. 
I am so happy we did. I love it. 
No watering.
No needles falling off.
Strong limbs to hang the ornaments on. 
Pre-strung with lights. 
Ready to go.
Makenah was very excited to decorate the tree. 
Dressed for the occasion. Tutu with my scarf as an accent. Quite lovely.
 Checking out all the boxes. 
 She wanted to do all the hanging. 
She hung all the balls and other decorative ornaments I had.
Then, we hung each special, personal ornament from years past. 
 Logan crawled all over, cruising on boxes, digging in the lights and climbing on Casey.
 She tells him, "Logan, that's a no-no, " when he tries to take the ornaments. 
 As I was anticipating, there was a precious cluster of ornaments, not only on the lower half of the tree, but eventually they started all getting hung on the same branch. 
It started with a few on it.
 A few more...
Placing the star.
I need a finished shot! 
The tree looks great. Since then, we have added some new ornaments from family and also the kids added their new special ones from this year too. 
Makenah likes to rearrange the ornaments occasionally. Most days she asks if she can do decorate with ornaments. I say, "sure!" and she spends a little time checking on everything. 

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