Monday, December 10, 2012


About a week and a half ago, we broke out the cereal puffs and let Logan give something new a try. I was pretty sure it would go well, as he is generally a go-getter when it comes to trying things. 
Makenah showed him how to eat the puffs (of course) and he downed them. He loved them, and gummed them with no problem. 

Messy face, excited to be a big boy.
 "How do I get this to my mouth?"
 "Got it!"
 That is one proud looking boy.
So, in the past week, Logan's appetite has really grown up. After a short trial run with the super dissolvable puffs, he moved on and mastered Cherrios, which he now loves. (What baby doesn't?!) At that time I started to throw in other soft finger foods for him, and he's done great. This past week he has started to refuse purees, so we have moved on from them. He is now doing a good job eating small bits of the appropriate things we are eating. Tonight he ate mostly what we did. :) 
So big.

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