Wednesday, February 15, 2012


On Monday, Makenah and I made cupcakes together for Valentine's Day. She is such a good little helper and we had fun mixing, stirring, and making a mess. Besides stirring, which is her favorite part, standing on the stool was pretty great. 
These cupcakes got stirred for a long time...
I stepped back to take a picture, and in went the little finger. Straight to her mouth for a taste test. I said "oh, no no, pooey. Let's not eat the batter!" So while she washed it down with a drink of water she kept saying "pooey, pooey, pooey, pooey." 
 Later that evening when they were all cool, she frosted her own.
 It took her a minute to figure out how to go about it. 
 There were lots of breaks in the eating so she could wipe her hands. She likes to use napkins, and any time her hands get dirty she wants them wiped off. (It's hard to keep hands clean with frosting...) She'd say, "uh oh, messy hands, napkin." 
More Valentine's pictures to come!

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