Friday, February 17, 2012

Our *Love* Day

It was a busy Valentine's Day around here on Tuesday. Makenah and I had our Mom's Carelink group at church in the morning, so were were up and around, eating quick and getting ready to go. We did have time to make sure that our cereal had a side of heart shaped toast. Toast is waaay better when it's not in a square. 
Good morning to my Valentine. 
After a morning at church we were home for lunch and had a red/heart lunch. Heart grilled cheese, strawberries and red jello jigglers. 
When she woke up from her nap, she opened a little Valentine from us with a love bear and some M&M's. Wow, were those popular. A few M&M's last a long time for her, as she walks around so proudly with them. 
 Between all the coloring and playing that afternoon, she had to make time to "walk" Little Casey. He's got a make-shift leash, but she loves it. She pulls him around the center island in the kitchen. 
When Daddy got home from work, we had a family Valentine's pasta supper and Bryan gave both of us super sweet cards with flowers for me and a new Elmo and water bottle for Makenah. She loves drinking from water bottles right now, so he got her a neat new one like he has. She is big stuff. Ok, ok, yes, I had to have one too!
It was a super sweet day around here. I have two very special Valentine's.

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Jenna said...

Will has that water bottle in blue and LOVES it! :)