Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Make believe morning

I love the world of pretend play and make believe that we are enjoying around here. Animals do more than just sit here or sit there, cups and pitchers are used for tea parties, and any small toy can represent something else. It's so much fun to play that way. 

Makenah had out her little mini Tupeprware set yesterday morning and was feeding us cake and ice cream. (Her words and choice. I'm sure we were both wishing for real cake and ice cream!) She was pouring me water from the pitcher, giving me spits from cups, and putting animals from the fridge on the plates the represent cake. 
Then we had to stop and take a break to do several rounds of "Ring Around the Rosy." This, of course, is the best part, and her favorite to shout out.
"We all fall DOWN!"

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