Sunday, April 1, 2012

Around here

Here's our guy!
 This one makes us laugh. Bryan says Makenah looks like a tired mom on the go ...sweatpants, disheveled hair, upside down glasses...
 She likes to hold Logan. She asks for him to be on her "yap." 
And, one more special new ride we have around here. A new double bike trailer! We are loving it so far!! With the amount of biking the Bryan does, we wanted something really nice that we would get lots of use out of. And, it quickly converts to a double stroller that we use on walks. We have the infant sling, so Logan rides comfortably and safely too. 
Hanging out with Daddy
 Painting and play dough are two new favorites around here. 
 Sometimes you just feel like getting fancy with a hat. :-) 
 Doing the dishes with Grandma.

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