Saturday, April 14, 2012

A pretty special 2 year old!

As I have gone back through pictures, I had been saving birthday pictures of Makenah to post after I had time to go through all of them and pick out my favorites. Makenah's birthday was at the beginning of March, and we had family over to celebrate the occasion. I still have another celebration for this girl up my sleeve, and she is so deserving of another party...if nothing else, to celebrate what a sweet big sister she is. 

Waking up on birthday morning.
She had a goody bag of Elmo awesomeness waiting for her. 
The day was all about her, and that evening my family came over to celebrate with us. 

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Jenna said...

Looks like you made the day so special for her! Cant wait to see what this other fun time is you have planned! :) Don't tell Will, he might feel like he got chipped! HA!