Thursday, June 7, 2012

Backyard BBQ

On Wednesday night we got together for a BBQ with my friends from college! I love when we all get together, and its especially fun (and busy!) now that there are so many kids involved! Jacey hosted us at her house for a backyard BBQ and she has a beautiful backyard, perfect for the occasion. 
Between the 5 of us girls who were there, we had 8 kids and 2 on the way. 
Makenah loved sitting at this little table. It, along with the number of kids and activities in the backyard, were too distracting to have anything but juice boxes and chips for supper. Ha!
Makenah really enjoys Danae's boys, Cade and Cole.
Oh, but she had room for an ice cream cone of course!
Three of us each have a 2 year old born all within 2 months of each other. This is Brennan, Jacey's little girl. We told them to stand next too each other for a picture...
I was disappointed I didn't get Bryan the camera sooner to take a picture with all of us. Kira, Steph and Sonia had already left for the evening. 
I will sure miss this group of girls when we leave. While we all live in different towns right now, they are all within 40 minutes of each other. I hope we can make trips back to central KS for things like this. 
I love these girls...not only do we have college memories together, but we still support each other and now we are building families together. 
Thanks for the wonderful evening girls!

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