Monday, June 11, 2012

Straight from the phone

Here are some shots straight from my phone. I sure do like my iPhone, and I like taking pictures, so I try and utilize it when pulling out the big camera isn't the easiest. There are several blogs I enjoy reading that often post phone pics, and so I thought I would give you a glimpse into what my phone has seen. Most of those posts are things that happened in about a weeks time. I'll be going back further! My plans to get Instagram should make for some neat pictures next time, too. 
This could be long, prepare yourself. I'll just go back to March when Logan was born...

First hospital phone picture
 Strider Bike!
 Decorating a sign welcoming home Bryan after he was away several days working.
 Chalk on the driveway
 Poor baby. This was a difficult day in the middle of a rough week. Not feeling well at all. Just look at those eyes. We popped popcorn and watched a show together.
 Checking out the new Cabela's in Wichita.
 Watching Uncle Blake play tennis.
 Piano time at Grandma and Grandpa's house.
 Napping in Kiowa.
 For the past year, we have gone one weekend a month (sometimes we've gone two) to Kiowa, KS for Bryan to cover their hospital for the weekend. We always go with him, and they provide wonderful accommodations for us at the Bunkhouse Suites. Apartments turned hotel rooms. We have had some good times there!
 Driving home from Garden City. I had to take a picture to document this because she NEVER falls asleep in the car. This is the first and only time she has fallen asleep in this carseat. She used to occasionally nap in her baby carrier, but car napping days are long gone. So cute. 
 Working on Daddy's Jeep with him. (After bike riding.)
 Snuggles with Aunt Jenna on the new quilt she made for him.
 Porch swing at G-pa and G-ma's. 
 Hand picked for me. 
 Men talking, men drinking coffee. 
 They have logged many miles in the Chariot. 
 Swimming in Kiowa.
 Hi baby!
 It's serious when you need two paintbrushes. 
 We made homemade popsicles together. Enjoying them on a warm night. 

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