Monday, June 4, 2012


Logan doesn't seem to mind the camera in his face for lots of close-up shots. I love to make him smile, and he usually just grins away for me with the camera. 
Makenah asks everyday now to hold Logan. I almost always try to oblige, so that we keep the affection rolling. It's cute to watch her prepare for him to be put on her lap or next to her. She'll hold out her hands right in front of her and kind of cup them together, like she is waiting to hold something very tiny in her hands. Two more things she likes to do now is brush his hair and also rub his head, especially when he is nursing. She'll stand by the arm of the chair and rub and pat. 
She also likes to point out his body parts and comment on how small they are. But then, she makes comparisons to Bryan or I...   "Logan has a small forehead...Mama's is big." Uh, thanks. 
We've got lots of cute noises being heard now too. And, some small little giggles I think, too. 

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