Saturday, June 9, 2012

Pool time

As Bryan's residency comes to a close, we are really enjoying the freedom his final month is offering. One of those perks is having him around at home to do things as a family during the days. Thursday was a great day together.
Mid morning we decided to take in some pool time. It was fun having Bryan there and taking lots of pictures. We went home for lunch and nap time. When Makenah woke up, we hopped in the Jeep with the tops off and went on a Sonic date. We took our drinks and drove around Sedgwick Co. Park and even stopped to feed to ducks and geese. Makenah really likes to see them, and will even stand on the ground and feed them. After supper at home, we headed out for our nightly run. Makenah and Logan are so great in the trailer, and I like that we can all be outside together. Logan usually falls asleep while we're out, and Makenah often chatters the entire way. 

So, here are pictures from the pool. Lots of pictures. I love the crisp, bright pool pictures, so I had a hard time choosing favorites. So, enjoy all of them. Ha!

Getting all set with the floaties. 
Relaxing in the shade. No sleeping this time though!
My girl.
In and out, in and out. She likes to play near the step so she has easy access to exit. 
Father and son.
All dry and ready to go home. A fruit snack wraps up a great time.

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