Friday, August 10, 2012

Logan (4 months)

Here I am, sneaking it in again...Sweet Logan is nearing 5 months old, and I haven't documented him at 4 months. I've got some cute smiley pictures and some thoughts about Logan right now that we want to remember...
Our boy Logan continues to wow us. We are so thankful for his sweet and content disposition. He's cuddly, happy, and a really easy going baby. We are always shaking our heads in awe at how awesome he is!! 
There hasn't been too much change in his eating or sleeping habits. He "sleeps through the night" and then just gets up once early in the morning to eat and then goes back to sleep. I'm thankful for that. Logan likes to eat, pretty often during the day too, and I think we'll be starting some cereal or baby foods with him soon. 
Logan's getting really strong and likes to always roll onto his tummy and lay. He can roll both ways now, and we will often see him rolling off the blanket or play mat. He sleeps on his side though. When he lays on his tummy he either pushes up really high on his hands, or lays flat and does the superman and flaps his arms and legs in excitement. 
He really enjoys the entertainment on the play mat and he likes to jump in the jumper/exersaucer. He doesn't really care for the position or angle of sitting in his bouncy seat through. He will also sit in his Bumbo for just a little bit, and then tries to escape and it just makes me nervous. But really, his favorite places to be is snuggling in our arms. He likes to be included wherever we are. He smiles SO big when you talk to him, and I love to hear him laugh, coo, and "talk" to me. Logan loves to gnaw on his hands and always tries to put ours in his mouth, along with anything in his hands. He likes to grab his feet too. 
He is super interested in Makenah. He is always watching what she is doing, and she seems to be paying more attention to him now too. She likes to show him her things, and now even lets him touch them. Ha! She will tell us when he needs Mama or Daddy and if she thinks he is hungry for milk. And, she always gets big smiles.
Logan has been lots of places this past month, and he does so well when we travel or are out doing activities. He sleeps well in the car in his seat, and we think he is pretty go-with-the-flow when his routine is out of the ordinary. (He makes it pretty easy on me nursing on road trips or changing diapers in funny places...)
He is starting to look like such a big boy to! I still feel like I have a newborn, it just doesn't seem like it's been almost 5 months already! If someone asked me, I'd probably still be saying I just had a baby! He's lost most of the hair that he was born with, especially on top, and it's filling in with fuzz that looks to be a little lighter. He's a big guy, but not all that chubby--just solid. Ha! I'm buying him 6-12 mo. tops and will soon be for his pants too. 

We are so thankful for Logan and what a perfect part of our family he is.

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