Monday, August 13, 2012

Pikes Peak: 14,110 ft.

On Sunday morning we got up and spent a great morning visiting Jenna's church in CO Springs. We were even lucky enough to see her sing as part of the praise team. 

Our plan for the afternoon was to take the Pike's Peak Cog Railway to the top of the peak! Before we were scheduled to depart, we headed to Manitou Springs and ate at a wonderful little Italian place downtown. We filled up our tummies before needing to report for departure! 

This cog railway takes you all the way to the top of Pike's Peak, and is the world's highest cog railway. It's about 3 hours round trip. You get to spend about 30 minutes at the summit checking out the views, taking pictures, using the bathroom and buying snacks or souvenirs. 

Our train left at 2:40 and we were all very excited! No pictures at the train station. It was quite chaotic and crowded. It took enough energy just to stay together, manage the people and hurry on when we heard "all aboard." Ha!

Taken out the window as we climbed the mountain.
It was only a little while into the trip and Makenah fell asleep. Both of the kids did really well on the trip, thanks largely to the entertainment of my parents and sister. Kids under 3 can ride free on an adults lap, and this squirmer rode on Grandma and Aunt Jenna most the time. After she woke up, she was very interested in everything going on. Logan was awake for a good portion of the ride, and then napped later on. His carseat made it tight for our legs, but was worth bringing, I think. 
For the Stucky/Wiens...this is Woodland Park! Bryan took this almost at the top with the telephoto lens. He claims he can see Granna and Grandad's house!  
 At the top!!
Aaron exploring boys. 
 I knew I had "one eye Squinty Makenah" but it looks like I have Squinity Aunt Jenna too!
 Logan and I boarded just a few minutes early and I got a jump start on feeding him. 
Yet another place I have fed and diapered a baby. 
Rocky Mountain big horn sheep
I think we all agreed the trip was a success! So much fun too! 
After this we ate at Rudy's BBQ in the Springs and indulged in some awesome BBQ! The night ended with kids tucked in, and us siblings staying up late playing games. 
We got up and left for Kansas on Monday morning. It was a great trip--fun activities, loving family, great hospitality, and wonderful memories. 
I know we'll do it again soon!

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Jenna said...

Love getting to see pics of all four of you! And the photo of Makenah sleeping on your mom's lap is precious!!