Thursday, August 23, 2012

Phone update

Each time I download pictures from my phone, I say to myself "Yikes, you really need to do this more often." Not only would the computer download take less time, but then I wouldn't need to post an overwhelming number of pictures on the blog each time.
So, here you go, an overwhelming number of pictures. A sampling of what my phone has seen, from where I left off last time. 

Packing moving boxes in Wichita. I bet everyone wishes their boxes got decorated!
 Trash bin! We had a lot of junk to throw away...
My nursing cover...Kenah see, Kenah do. 
One for each lap.
 Working on the "4- we-were" 
 She asks to take rides now. 
Logan and I watch from the sidelines for now. It won't be long...
 4th of July homemade ice-cream. 
 Pulling away from the house for the last time. I was exhausted, emotional and excited all rolled into one!
Logan was just tired. 
 Watering with Grandma.
 Who said high heels aren't everyday wear?
Park time in Colorado.
The drive back into western KS.
She insisted on having the fabric stacked on her!
 Doing dishes. 
 Watchind Daddy mow. (Only watching, because it was like 110 degrees outside.)
 Fast food made interesting. 
 Sno Cones in Garden City.
The park at the zoo.
 Smiley little brother watching.
 Saturday morning breakfast. 
 First trip to the GC library.
 Making taco soup. I love my crockpot. 
Until next time...

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