Saturday, October 13, 2012

Pumpkin painting

When we picked out these cute little pumpkins from the pumpkin patch a couple weeks ago, I had visions of a fun craft for Makenah. She loves to paint, and I figured painting pumpkins would be a hit. We started out picking three from our pile outside, and then after those three were done to her liking, she insisted on going to get the other three. 

 So, out came the big girl paints. And, on went the old/too small clothes. 
 She loved it. I just giggled as she painted on each one. All the paint was concentrated up by the stem. I had to do a lot of suggesting to get any down on the sides. But, in the end, it was her project, so I just let her go. 
 She also had the painting strategy of going down the row and dipping her brush in each color. Black and brown were at the end, so when all was said and done, there was a gray tone to a lot of the area. So cute. 
 Logan bounced and watched us. 
"See that pretty pumpkin, Mama?!" 
We've got plans to paint something else soon...she made sure to show me there was paint left to use. We let these dry and then I put them in a pretty wire basket for a little fall cuteness in the kitchen. 

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