Monday, October 29, 2012



Pulling up to his knees.
 And just plain happy.
 Looking for treasures with Grandma,
 We made a trip for a night to Wichita last weekend. Our first visit back since we moved. We had a fantastic time. When it was time to pack, I got out one of our bags and took it to Makenah's room to pack her and Logan's things in. As I was choosing things from her closet, she ran back and forth to the kitchen a few times, and before I knew it, she told me she was all done packing for Wichita. This was what was in her bag. A list, so you don't miss seeing anything...
Wheat thins, granola bars, graham crackers, a pink tutu, a decorative box from her dresser, BBQ sauce, oatmeal, her rubber ducky, catalina salad dressing, raisins, corn muffin mix, and fiber one bars. 
I mean, what else could a girl need? 
 A bit messier of a face after big sis feeds Logan.
 On our way to Wichita.
 Trying on hats and glasses at Gander Mountain.
 Big smiles all the time. 
 Looking at old pictures of Daddy.
 Painting a birdhouse.
Puzzles at the library.
Bubbles on a beautiful day.
 Now it's Logan's turn in my old highchair. 
 Blocks with Uncle Aaron. 
Hope you have a great week!

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