Tuesday, October 9, 2012

There he goes

I already mentioned that Logan has taken off crawling. We are still shaking our heads as we watch his little body crawl quickly across the floor. He has no trouble getting where he wants to go now. He chases after Makenah, stalks Casey, gets wedged in the coffee table, and even watches out the front door with Makenah now. 
 Crawling places allows better access to put your mouth on everything. If he gets it in his hand, it goes to the mouth!
 And, oh Casey. For the most part, he still just stays where he is and puts up with little hands grabbing places and tugging and exploring hair. The novelty may be wearing off though...Casey has started to sometimes get up and leave. I move Logan back a lot though, because those drooly little hands just get coated in fur globs when he pulls.
We're so proud of our big boy.

And then there's these two. 
Makenah is such a funny, sweet, and smart girl. She has us laughing all the time. Two and half years old is pretty great. 

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