Friday, October 5, 2012

Friday phone stuff

 Pure sweetness at the library.
 Looking at this picture now, I feel like I already posted it...but, let's look at that adorable boy again then.
 My two babes sleeping. Logan can be counted on for a nap each day...Kenah cannot. But, she will throw in some rest every now and then. 
 Enjoying a sucker after a mexican dinner. 
 Watching for Daddy. 
 My crew. 
Shopping and Wendy's with Grandma.
 We've been checking out kids cookbooks from the library. Showing Logan the recipes.
 A policeman came to story time to talk about seatbelt safety. We got to check out his car. 
 Even the littlest story time attendees got badges!
 HaHa! Logan graduated into a bigger harness in the Chariot. He now sits up big with sis. One of many sunglass options from her collection. 
 She REALLY likes to get to push this around.
 He doesn't lay like this much anymore. It's full speed ahead on all 4s now. 
 It's over halfway down her back.
 It sounds funny to say we added another stroller...we have several already. Each fills an important niche though...ha! I got a tandem double stroller. The only double "stroller" I had was a bike trailer, and you definitely can't take that in a store. We have made due using two strollers for now, but I am super thankful to have a way to push them around in more public places when it is just me. It's a smaller "sit and stand" version, so Makenah can hope on and ride standing or grab a seat on a bench in the back. It's awesome!! 
Putting it together with Daddy. 
 And finally, this is actually from Bryan's phone. Sticks at the pumpkin patch. Free and fun. 
(Who's that look like, mom and dad?!)
Happy Friday.

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